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Road to Eagle Scout

Trail Towards Eagle Process:


If you find yourself ready to start your final steps towards Eagle. You will find this information below helpful during your trail towards eagle. Please also refer back to your process letter that you received at your District Roundtable review of your Project Proposal.


1.  If you have not identified a project and Beneficiary that you would like to do a project for this would be the time to start.  You will need to get with one of our Troop Eagle Scout Mentors. Mr. Foster, Mr. Watt, Mr. Giddings, and Mr. Riley. After you have fully completed your Eagle Scout Project Proposal Workbook with all signatures (Scout, Scoutmaster, Beneficiary, and Committee Chair) you can go to Round Table for approval.  Round table is the first Thursday of each month at the KC Police Academy at 6:30PM.


2.  After your Proposal approval you need to go back to work with your Project Coach and complete your Project Plan workbook (BEFORE) you start your Eagle Project. 

  • Parents please,  please, please do not pressure your Scout earlier in the process because of Family Schedules.  If your Scout is not ready his project and his ability to lead and be successful at his project will be hindered.


3.  As you work on your project continue to work on getting your Merit Badges completed.

4.  Complete project and then complete your Eagle Scout Project Report work book. Including signatures from your Project Beneficiary & Project Coach.

5.  Complete all remaining Merit Badges.

6.  Start and Complete your Eagle Scout Paperwork.  This includes the following: 

  • Eagle Scout Application 

  • Goals & Ambitions Letter  

  • Start to request your letters of reference.


7.  With all the above complete you will now be ready to schedule your Scoutmaster Conference with your troop scoutmaster. This has to be done before you go back to round table.

8.  After a successful Scoutmaster conference your Eagle Scout Application will be processed by the Troop and taken to HOAC for approval and processing.

  • If you do not complete all of the above first and try to go to Roundtable you will be turned away!

9.  You are now ready to return to the District Roundtable for district approval of all your Eagle Scout paperwork and all (3) Eagle Project work books. 

10.  Once you are approved by the District for your Board of Review, Mrs. Castner will get in touch with you to arrange a time and location for your board.


I hope this helps to clarify the process for All Adults, Scouts, Scouters, etc

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